OnlyTen was created to restore power and trust to users and the community.

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What is
OTEN Token?

OnlyTen is an ERC-20 token created to become a store of value on the Ethereum blockchain. We chose to limit the supply to only 10 tokens in order to create real scarcity.


2020 has been an impressive year already with an increasing number of practical and innovative Dapps. However, the increasing number of cryptocurrencies linked to decentralized finance (DeFi) application resulted in the flood of many investors and traders that overwhelmed the DeFi space. It also led to to the loss of investors funds due to poorly crafted projects.
OnlyTen is a long term community led project that will create true value through a simple supply/demand strategy. We try to create a self-sufficient and sustainable economy for everyone.

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is the real store of value


There is only 10 tokens ever. With the limited supply this creates more demand which in turn will push the price into unseen territory. That will help us create more value for the community with real scarcity that will bring awareness to the project and allow us to create a strong brand.

Look at Our Advantages

Security of
Ethereum Blockchain
30 Years
Locked Liquidity

Token Distribution

  • 50% Presale
  • 15% Uniswap Pool
  • 12.5% Competition
  • 12.5% Marketing
  • 10% Team


We have big plans for the future.
2020 Q4
2020 Q4
2020 Q4
2020 Q4
2020 Q4
2020 Q4
2020 Q4
2020 Q4
2021 Q1
2021 Q2

1. Presale

2. Liquidity Locked 30 years

3. Start Marketing

4. CoinGecko & CMC Applied

5. Launch Competition

6. Add More Liquidity

7. NFT Airdrop

8. Launch Farming

9. System Development

10. List Major Exchanges

Frequently Asked Questions

What is OTEN?

OTEN is a community led project on the Ethereum Blockchain with a limited supply.

Where can I check the code?

OTEN has been written in solidity by our main developer and is publicly available on Etherscan.

For how long initial liquidity has been locked?

Liquidity raised during the presale was locked for 30 years by Unicrypt.

What kind security does OTEN use to protect my account?

OTEN was created on ETH blockchain, so that OTEN has the same security as ETH. Be sure to preserve your private keys and double check your address when sending any funds.

What are the competition rules?

Top 10 holders will share 0.65 OTEN.
Position 1 - 3 will be 0.1 OTEN.
Position 4 - 10 will be 0.05 OTEN.

All Liquidity providers will share 0.6 OTEN between all LPs according to their percentage in pool.

Are OTEN token ERC-20 resellable?

OTEN trading is live on Uniswap and Etherflyer.

What are the OTEN NFT?

OTEN prides itself on its scarcity and value, so don’t miss the chance of owning our first edition airdrop NFT.
There will only ever be 100 of these minted, so they are extremely rare.
They will be available to trade on the Rarible marketplace as soon as they are airdropped.

How to qualify for NFT airdrop?

Hold at least 0.01 OTEN.
Provide 0.01 OTEN and equivalent liquidity in the OTEN/ETH pool.
Hold liquidity in the pool for a minimum of 21 days.
Send copy of transaction Hash to [email protected]

Whom can I reach out to with other questions or business inquiries?

You can join our community below.